Goalie Mask Airbrushing Important Info

Are you thinking of getting your goalie mask painted? This article is to inform goalies and trainers of safety, pricing, turnaround time and other information before deciding if you would like custom airbrushed artwork on your goalie mask. This article also applies to airbrushing helmets and other head gear.


CSA Standards and Certification
Unfortunately when paint is applied to a mask it is no longer CSA certified. This means that if you are in a league that requires all gear to be CSA certified the officials could prevent you from playing with your airbrushed mask. If you would like to keep CSA status and have your mask airbrushed you have two options.
Contact the manufacturer of the mask you have or intend to buy. They may either issue you new stickers to apply after airbrushing or, refer you to one of their “Certified” airbrushers. The problem with the latter being you will have to ship your mask to wherever the Certified artist is, as well as they tend to be on the expensive side.


The first and most common question I get is “How much?”. There’s a basic cost of stripping down the mask, sanding it and preparing it for paint. Artwork costs can vary greatly depending on what a customer would like for artwork. This is the reason I cant give an answer straight up until I know what is involved for artwork. Is their logo(s)? names? numbers? Is the visuals simple like a happy face, or really complex like a dragon winding through castles with little nomes running around? If you would like a cost please give me as much details as possible and I will be more than happy to give you a price.  Average costs for custom airbrushing on a goalie mask is anywhere from 300.00 to 800.00. Again this can vary depending on the complexity of the requested artwork. For an accurate quote please contact me here with details of requested artwork, the type of mask, and if it is new or used.

I have no history or knowledge of the mask brought to me. I don’t know if it has been previously cracked or weakened in some manner which is possible without it being visible. Therefor all customers must sign a waiver before work begins.  The waiver releases myself from any liabilty should a goalie take a blow to the mask resulting in injury or death.

Used Masks
If you have a used mask you want painted there’s a few things you need to consider.
How used is the mask?. Does it have more than a few minor chips? If it does you may want to consider getting a new mask before going to the expense of custom artwork. If you do want to go ahead with painting a used mask and it only has minor superficial chips and scratches they can be repaired.

Paint and Klear Kote
The paint I use is Auto Air airbrush colors. They are water soluble and non-toxic. The airbrushed artwork is sealed with auto grade Klear Kote. Two coats are applied and then lightly sanded before a third coat is applied.

Junior Goalie Masks
Unfortunately I can not airbrush on junior goalie masks other than as a novelty decorative item to be displayed as a commerative piece only (no game or practice action). The reason for this is most junior masks are made of plastic which can potentially break down when coming in contact with paint and Klear Kote.

Turnaround Time
Generally masks are turned around in about 3 to 4 weeks depending on how busy I am.